When you buy Warranty from Eureka, you can have confidence that we stand ready to help you recover quickly when the unexpected happens. The claims operation that underpins every Eureka Shiled policy is one of our greatest strengths, with a strong local claims team backed by our global network of expertise to support you when you face a loss.

Committed to Service Excellence


Our claims team has first-hand knowledge of risks, business practices, legal and regulatory issues. The team is supported by dedicated Claims Product Managers, ensuring that you are satisfied with the progress of your claim every step of the way.

Dedicated, Focused Claims Handling

We get your claim to the right expert fast. Each claim is handled by an examiner with the most appropriate type of expertise, based on the product line and the complexity of the loss. Administrative tasks are handled by separate teams, giving more time for our examiners to work with you on a stronger, more proactive partnership to settle larger and more complex claims, and provide a faster service on more straightforward claims.

Our Claims Promise

In 2014, we have implemented a new framework to further strengthen our claims service:

  • Our claims teams now work as one bigger team, with more people available to work on claims.
  • We've aligned the specialist and technical expertise of our claims examiners to the line of business and complexity of the claim, allowing each claim to be managed in a more efficient and proactive manner.
  • Specialist administration teams now handle administration and support functions, so that our claims examiners can remain focused on the technical management of the claim.
  • There is now greater contact between you and your claims examiner, enabling a more proactive and collaborative approach to claims resolution.

These changes, along with enhanced claims handling processes and technology, offer you more peace of mind when you need it most.

When you make a claim, it’s our opportunity to keep our promise to you .

Our expert team will handle your claim efficiently and professionally, helping you to recover from your loss as quickly as possible.

When settling a claim, speed and accuracy is important. We tailor our approach to each claim, looking for the best way to move the claim toward a fair resolution in the least possible time, while being sensitive to your needs.

Smaller, less complicated claims are handled through our routine or "fast-track" procedure, which allows for fast and efficient settlement.

For larger losses, when you make a claim with Eureka Shield, you have the advantage of dealing directly with the decision-maker, and you can rely on our team having specific knowledge and experience of local laws and practice.

Claims Procedures

Eureka Sheild Terms & Conditions


  • Extended warranty:Protection plan beginning upon the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Accidental Damage:Unexpected or unintentional damage to the covered device causing the impairment of use.
  • Coverage Type:

    1. Silver Eureka Shield: Extended Warranty coverage varying from one (1) to five (5) year(s), starting upon the expiry of the manufacturer's warranty (Terms & Conditions applied)
    2. Golden Eureka Shield: Accidental Damage plus Theft & Fire Protection plan for one year only starting from the date of purchase (Terms & Conditions applied)
    3. Platinum Eureka Shield: Mix of coverage between silver and golden Eureka shield(Terms & Conditions applied)

  • Protection Plan Price: The price you paid for the protection plan you have chosen.
  • “MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY” means the manufacturer’s full warranty provided at no additional cost to you.
  • Covered product: The product covered by this protection plan as shown on the policy schedule.
  • Maximum Liability:Limited to the current market price or the purchase price of the covered product,whichever less, including any qualified service repairs that has been completed under this plan.We will under no circumstances be liable to you for any indirect or consequential damages including but not limited to costs of data recovering, reprogramming, any loss of business, profits or may result from any damage to the covered product.
  • Purchase Price: Means the cost of the covered product as stated on the original invoice.
  • Deductible:The applicable deductible at the event of any claims.
  • Territorial limits: International coverage except the coverage of theft and fire which are covered only within the borders of the State of Kuwait.
  • The stolen item:Means any loss including the disappearance of a covered product from a known place in circumstances indicating the probability of a robbery.
  • “SERVICE CENTER”means the authorized service center by the manufacturer or the administrator to repair the covered item.
  • “REPAIR COSTS”mean the amounts charged for labor and parts by the authorized service center to repair the covered item.
  • The Applicable Law: The laws applicable to this policy is the laws of Kuwait and by purchasing this policy you have agreed to this.
  • Extended Warranty Coverage: covers all mechanical and electrical failures that occur during normal use including parts and labor with zero deductibles and in the case the device is not repairable the customer will be compensated according to settlement of claims.
  • Accidental Damage: Subject to the terms and conditions of this policy if during the coverage period your product suffers accidental damage, from drop, spills of, liquid damage orelectrical surges incurred under normal operating conditions or handling, we will repair or replace your product according to settlement of claims. Accidental Damage Coverage only applies to an operational or mechanical failure caused by an accident that is the result of an unexpected and unintentional event.
  • Theft and Fire Protection: For one year starting from the date of purchase in the event of burglary or fire with the existence of final police report, the customer will be compensated according tosettlement of claims.
  • Settlement of claims:
    • o Depending on the product and failure circumstances and at our discretion, we will either:
    1. Repair your product and at our sole discretion the replacement parts utilized for the repair will be new or refurbished that perform to the factory specifications (Deductible rates applied for any repair resulted from accidental damage only) or;
    2. Replacing your covered product with a new one of the same type, model or equivalent product of the same quality and similar in performance (Deductible rates applied) or;
    3. Reimbursing you with a purchase voucher equal to the covered product’s current market value, as determined by us, not to exceed the original purchase price of your covered product including taxes (Deductible rates applied).
  • Notes:
    • A. Customer will have to pay the difference between the maximum liability and the replacement device or the difference between the approved repair amount subject to the terms and conditions of this plan and the cost of the repair.
    • B. Our obligations under this plan will be fulfilled in their entirety if we issue you a replacement or purchase voucher pursuant to the terms and conditions of this policy.
  • Deductible Rates:
  • Protection Plan Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
    Extended Warranty 10% 20% 30% 35% 35%
    Accidental Damage 25% -- -- -- --
    Theft and Fire 25% -- -- -- --
  • A. All accessories that do not affect the functionality of the product will not be covered.
  • B. Damage to your product caused by abuse, neglect, intentional physical damage, misuse (including faulty installation, repair, or maintenance by anyone other than an authorized service provider).
  • C. loss or damage occurred outside of the Territorial limits.
  • D. The stolen items shall not be covered unless reported to the police or the concerned authority as being stolen within 36 hours at the place of the accident occurrence.
  • E. Lost, stolen, or irretrievable items if your plan does not include theft coverage.
  • F. Damage as a result of not using the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and owner’s manual, including, but not limited to, exposure to weather conditions, failure to properly clean, maintain or lubricate, misuse, abuse, improper electrical power supply, improper installation or assembly.
  • G. Cosmetic damage (e.g., scratches, dents and broken casing) non-operating parts or components which does not affect the functionality or the covered product;
  • H. Any accidental damage, unless the accidental damage coverage was purchased.
  • I. Replaceable or consumable items such as but not limited to Batteries, toner, ribbons, ink cartridges, drums, belts, printer heads, blades etc.
  • J. Product(s) with removed or altered serial numbers;
  • K. Manufacturer defects or equipment failure, which is covered by manufacturer’s warranty, manufacturer’s recall.
  • L. Damage or loss of any software or data recorded in your Covered Product when providing repair or replacement service, we will use reasonable efforts to reinstall your Covered Product’s original software but we will not provide any recovery or transfer of software or data.
  • M. The policy holder is responsible for removing all personal items from the product before service is performed).
  • N. Any loss Caused by war, invasion, (whether or not the war has been declared) or civil war or revolution or rebellion or usurpation of military authority, or which takes place directly or indirectly by reason of terrorism,Acts of God including lightning, flood, earthquakes and other external causes;

    In the event of any Failures or damage which might give rise to a claim under this plan please notify the administrator as soon as possible on 965-25761100 / 273 you will be assisted

  • 1. You must give us an opportunity to inspect the loss or damage before any repairs.
  • 2. You will be asked a series of questions to assess the extent and cause of the damage; you must cooperate with the technician to ensure that the product will be properly repaired.
  • 3. You are responsible for delivering and picking up your product form the service center.
  • 4. In some cases, we may require you to ship your product for repair at our cost.
  • 5. You must have the original purchase receipt and this policy so that your claim can be processed.
  • 6. Parts or device replaced become the sole property of Eureka and you will be charged for any lost item originally fitted to the covered product by the manufacturer.
  • I. If you are outside of the Kuwait you should contact the manufacturer-authorized service center and drop your Covered Product off to have it repaired.
  • II. You may be required to pay the repair costs and then submit the original invoice to us to pay it or transfer the amount to your account
  • a. Properly maintain, store and use Your Product according to the manufacturer instructions.
  • b. Take all reasonable steps to minimize the extent of any damage;
  • c. Isolate damaged parts and make them available for inspection by us;
  • d. Provide all information and documentary evidence with respect to the claim.
  • e. You will make sure to back up software and data residing on the Covered Product prior to obtaining service from us.
  • f. You must have the original purchase receipt and this policy so that your claim can be processed.
  • Means fully carrying out the activity with due care and diligence by you in order to protect the covered product against any loss or robbery or damage.
  • The rights and duties of this policy are not transferable

    You should not act in a fraudulent manner such as:

  • Submitting a claim under this policy and you know that the claim is fake.
  • Submitting any document to support any claim and you are aware that the document is fake.
  • In this case, we have the right not to pay the claim and we can at our discretion consider the policy void with no refund.


Electronics Claims

Eureka Shield protects new items from the day they’re purchased. However, most new items also come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects due to parts or workmanship for the first year of ownership.

If there’s an issue with your item that is normally covered by the manufacturer's warranty during that time, we’ll refer you to the manufacturer so they can resolve it. That way, you can save your Eureka Shield plan for when you really need it – after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

If you purchase "Drops & Spills" coverage, then your Eureka Shield plan also covers accidental damage such as falling off a table and liquid damage, which is not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. In these cases, Eureka Shield has you covered from Day One.

Yes. We strongly recommend backing up the data on your device before sending it in for repair. If we need to restore or replace your device, all of the data on it will be erased.

We’d be happy to help you schedule an in-home repair. To get help from one of our Claims Specialists.


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