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Self-Insured Warranty Solutions

Extended Warranties

Ā Optional extended warranties may be purchased along with the sale of the covered product. Typically, the term of these agreements provide assurances that any required service and parts will be provided in the event of a breakdown or malfunction of the covered product. The majority of extended warranty agreements available require periodic inspection or preventative maintenance in order to maintain the warranty.

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Dealer vs. Third Party Extended Warranties

" Extended Warranties are offered by the manufacturer or the dealer (In-House), but they can also be purchased from third-party companies. Many third party extended service providers are reputable, but general customer satisfaction tends to be higher for service plans offered by auto manufacturers or the Dealer. Here are some of the common differences between dealer and third party extended warranties: "

Car dealer warranty provider

We provide: Dealer Benefits Customer Benefits
Warranty program Design
Warranty Application
financial consultancy
24/7 hours customer support services.

Claim Management
Cash less service
Profitability between 20% to 28%
Brand awareness
Customer retention increase
Customer Satisfaction tend to be more
After sale revenue
Peace of mind
Repairs are done by qualified technicians
Genuine PartsĀ® only.
Increase the Re-sale value of the vehicle
Have a question? Give us a call.
Our client support team is friendly and experienced. Telephone +971-43695593.

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