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Royal Care Warranty Services provide all kind of extended warranty & accidental damage plans including Auto warranty, marine, electronic appliances, Furniture and some other protections plans such as GAP , Vehicles exchange plan and others .
In addition to that and thru its expertise and capability Royal provides various types of administrative responsibilities on a fee-for-services basis, for organizations involved or intended to have their own In-House warranty programs.
These responsibilities typically include designing the warranty program, claims administration, loss control and risk management consulting.
Royal also support its partner with a highly sophisticated cloud-based warranty management systems to manage all the activities related to the warranty programs including sales, claims with a wide
rang of common-sense reports which is available and accessible anytime, anywhere.
Car Dealer Warranties

The highly sophisticated warranty application help us to do the following accurately: Royal Core Services
Ease of Use for Minimizing Training Time
Multi-Level Group Security with logging of all events
Multiple Company , Multiple Database Support
On-Line Submission of Claims

Automated Process for Claims and Pre Approvals
Multicurrency and International Claims Support
Integrated Scanning and Document Management
Real-time Web Access for Insureds
Multiple Reporting system
Real-time Web Access for Insureds
Multiple Reporting system
The core service of Royal Care Warranty Services is to ensure better services to policyholders thru tailored warranty program fits their needs and maximizing the program profitability for the car dealer by Bringing down their claim ratio thru reducing false claims and reduction in administration cost, Operating in in the middle east region providing a wide range of, administration and marketing services to manufacturers, distributors and retailers with innovative solutions and global market intelligence.

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